Drive-in Bingo

Located at the Valley Drive-in in Cambridge. Every Tuesday Night Gates Open at 6pm, Play beings at 6:45PM You tune your radio to 99.9 FM. If you get a bingo you honk your horn.

How to Play

  • As you enter the drive in driveway Lions members will be waiting to sell you the cards you need to play. As you advance down the line you will be able to purchase Main Gate cards (including jackpot), Specials, Triple Win’s, Mini Games, Double Action games, as well as dobbers.
  • Each player receives a list of the games and their order of play. You then enter the drive in and park. We recommend you bring a piece of cardboard or TV tray to rest your cards on during play.
  • Bingo beings at 6:45 sharp. You tune your radio to 99.9 FM. The announcer reads down through the bingo rules, which highlights our call back process. The announcer tells everyone the color of the card being played and the type of bingo (2 lines or all around the free etc) and the amount of the prize. Then play begins
  • If you get a bingo you honk your horn. A Lions Member comes to your car and reads back the bingo via two-way radio to the announcer. The call back/verification can be heard over your radio. Once the bingo is verified then the game closes and we move on to the next game.
  • We have a 15min intermission at about 8:00pm. Our canteen and washrooms are open.


  • Main Gate Booklet (12 games + jackpot card) - 3 up - $5.00 9 up - $15.00
  • Mini Games Booklet (4 games) – 6 up - $4.00
  • Special Booklet (5 games) – 6 up - $5.00
  • Triple Win (1 game) – 6 up $1.00
  • Double Action(1 game) – 1 up $1.00
  • Dobbers – $1.00


  • Main Gate Booklets - $100 per game
  • Specials – 2 games are 50/50 of the take - 1 game is 75% of the take - 1 game is $175.00 in 7 numbers or less (or 50% of the take)
  • Triple Win – 100% of the take on one card - 75% of the take on 2 cards - 50% of the take on 3 cards
  • Double Action – 50% of the take
  • Jackpot – $1000 in 51 number or less - $500 in 52 numbers - $200 in 53 number or more